Southwest 737-900?

Does anyone think that Southwest will ever get the 737-900



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I’ll make that poll for you. ;)

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  • Idk
  • No

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Possibly they could get the 900 for some high density routes.

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Lol ty idk why it didn’t work

Possibly, either way it would be cool

It’s like this.


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  • As many other options as you want

But instead the parentheses are brackets. So it would look like this.

  • Option 1
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  • As many other options as you want

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I did that and I’ve done one before idk why it did not work this time

AHA! You forgot to put a space in between the dash and the words. :)

You did this:

=Much doge

Instead of this:

= Much doge

Oh lol the smallest things;)

If they were to go internationally, I’d expect a 787, 777, A330 or A350 :P

Not for southwest they only have 737’s which is partially why they have such cheap fares

And many Central American countries and 1 South American destination

But, really long haul flights I could clarify.

100% no

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They won’t be getting any 900s in the foreseeable future according to my internal sources at WN.

Doesn’t meet Southwest’s needs ^^^

Only way I can see them getting them in the future is exclusively for slot restricted airports where the turn time would not be a problem

No no no… Not for a good while at least.

They want frequency/low dwell and servicing times. 737-900ER is too much of a ground hog. They recently made the -800 work, let them marinate on that