Southwest 737-800 || KDEN - KSAN

Just a few photos from my recent Denver to San Diego flight (on training server since I didn’t have enough flight hours in the last 3 months… oh well)

Not much to say here - just a simple equation:

Southwest 737 + Moon + FL340 = Stunning

And if you want some more great photos... I’ve hidden them to showcase the moonshot

Takeoff from 17R at Denver

Banking on initial climb out to head west towards California

Cockpit during cruise - the pilots are enjoying the wonderful new details that came with 20.1

And on short final at San Diego with the sun just beginning to set


Let me know your thoughts below!


You can never go wrong with SWA! Great Photo!

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Thank you! The heart livery definitely looks great against the dark sky

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yes it sure does!

That’s a better picture than I got 😂

Nah they’re both equal :)

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