Southwest 737-700 “Tennessee One” Livery

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Southwest Airlines is a low-cost airline from the United States, based in Dallas, Texas. Their fleet consists solely of Boeing 737s. Southwest commenced operations in 1971 in Dallas. Since then, the airline has introduced special aircraft liveries featuring state flags. One of these is for the wonderful state of Tennessee, shown below.


This Boeing 737 carries the registration of N922WN.

The Boeing 737 is a short- to medium-haul aircraft designed in the 1960s. It is Boeing’s highest-selling variant and is flown by airlines worldwide. The fuselage being low to the ground is a design so the 737 could service smaller airports with no jetbridges.

I think this livery is among the best painted by Southwest. The Tennessee flag is one of the most patriotic, and the red shows up well on this aircraft. I recommend you vote for this aircraft so we can have a larger variety of Southwest. What do you think?

Fun fact: the three stars on Tennessee’s flag represents the mountains in the east, the plains in the middle area, and the lowlands in the west.

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being from tennessee, I really love this livery! you have my vote!

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Dang, this livery is spicy, I am down! Voted!

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Didn’t get my vote yet, Still waiting for the planes to be delivered. More people gotta vote for this livery.

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I’m going to see this livery today!



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That livery is suppost to be with split scimitars now


Really? I haven’t heard. That’s good, I’m a fan of the split scimitars.

How come you’re a fan of the split scimitars

I think they look good and I’ve always been a fan of stuff that points back off a wing such as on a 707. I don’t know why

I don’t see any pictures of southwest tennessee one with split scimitars

Looks good to me. Bring it on.

Bumped! IMO this is the best livery!

Bruh, how does this not have more votes.


States have flags? 🤨
Very nice livery though!

I still don’t know why this hasn’t been added yet! Best special livery ever! I mean look at @ItsBlitz PFP. He’ll explain 😂

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Yeah it looks even better with them