Southwest 737-700 Review | They’re Actually... Really Good!

Southwest Airlines (FLL-BWI-SDF) (With A Special Livery!)

Today, I’m gonna try and airline that I don’t fly too much, but I always enjoy when I do fly them. Of course, I’m talking about Southwest airlines. Before I start, I just wanna let you know that I’m sorry for not posting as many trip reports lately, I’ve been focusing a little bit more in the video trip reports, which take a little bit longer. So, without further ado let’s get into the vid… I mean article?

First thing you notice about Southwest is that they have a very unique putting process. Basically, the earlier you check-in, the earlier get a board. I know, they rush you. But, checking in early is always worth it. Unless you buy earlybird check-in for $15-20, you should be at your phone exactly 24 hours before departure, so you could check in as fast as possible. When you check in, you will have a letter in the number. Your letter signifies your boarding group, and your number signifies what position you are in the boarding group. Before boarding, you will line up in your order, and you will get on board. Once you’re on board, you can choose any available seat. That’s why I told you that earlier you check in, the better the seat you get. Luckily for me, we bought earlybird check-in, which turned out to be a great deal, because we got group A15 and A16. It is impossible to get numbers one through 15 in group A, because those are reserved for people who by the “early boarding pass” which is able to be purchased for more than the early bird check in. Luckily for us, there was no one in that group today, so we were the first ones on board. Naturally, we chose the bulkhead row because that offers extended legroom, much more than the regular Southwest legroom. But don’t worry, I’ll try the regular legroom on my second flight.

Along with this incredible like room, I had an incredible engine view. I don’t know how I could use incredible credible so many times in the sentence, wait, isn’t Southwest supposed to be… You know, bad?

You know what, now I’m thinking, pshhhh, it’s the first row and the engine, you’ll get that in any airline. Now, I’m thinking, well… It’s not just that, every employee I have encountered so far has been smiling and happy. I even caught a somewhat rare visitor at Fort Lauderdale, which only visits 3 to 4 times a week, the Air Transat 738!

Unfortunately, I can’t upload any videos onto here, so I’m gonna attach a video right here that contains take off, landing, and other cool shots of the outside world from my beautiful window.

After the takeoff, I decided to take a look at the in-flight entertainment options. I actually thought the options were pretty sufficient, although the site wasn’t so quick. Wi-Fi was available for decent prices, and movies and live TV was also available. Unfortunately, the life TV didn’t work so well, it was very glitchy. I recommend sticking to the movies. If any of these movies that you see below don’t float your boat, I recommend downloading some before you get on board. I, definitely did that because I am the most picky person in the world, no doubt about it. Challenge me.

Those of you who have already realized, yes, my English teacher says that I use commas too much. Anyway, let’s continue. Ah dang it, now every time I want to write a comma, it comes back at me, and I don’t want to write it. Why is my brain go to the worst places at the worst times? Anyway, continuing, they gave us snacks on board. And here was my biggest issue with Southwest. I didn’t have any issue with the service. I thought it was fantastic. My issue, is that they just don’t provide enough food. Especially on longer flights, that is over 3 to 4 hours, I would be getting very hungry. I understand I could buy food and the terminal, but I think Southwest can start investing in food very soon, as they were growing airline with all 737s and 737 planes in their fleet (coincidence?) They need to step up their food game.

Once I landed in Baltimore, I had about two hours to catch my connecting flight. I grabbed a milkshake and some American breakfast, and headed off to my next gate, which I think was B3, but I took this flight almost a year and a half ago, so I’m not sure. Anyway, waiting at my gate was my new aircraft to take me to Louisville, N711HK.

Anyway, I boarded the plane and chose seat 13F. Now, my genius decision didn’t turn out so well, because I literally couldn’t see the ground at all, I just saw the wing… The life of Zac. The good news is, I got to see the wing… Wait, but didn’t i say that was bad news? I don’t know, let me know if you think that is better to see the ground, or the wing.

Anyway, here’s what the legroom looks like from the seat. It’s roughly 32 inches on Southwest. Compared to the other US airlines, they’re like them is actually… Pretty good. The average is 31 inches, so they are a little bit above there.

So all in all, all the things people have told me, no, you should never avoid Southwest. Of course, they aren’t my personal favorite (I like JetBlue lmao) but I would love to fly with them again! I think that they are definitely a cheaper and more reliable option than some of the airlines that also connect on some flights. For example, it’s much less of a hassle connecting through Dallas love field, their main hub, rather than Americans over a Dallas Fort Worth. And that goes for also connecting at Fort Lauderdale, rather than Americans Miami. Plus, their fair differences could be almost $300 cheaper than American Airlines on some flights. It’s definitely in my opinion a better airline, and a better price to do the same thing. Also, not to mention, their crews are incredible. I can easily compare them to the likes of the crews that are on board jetBlue and Singapore airlines. So why not give them a try? If you enjoyed this review, please let me know down below, and please vote to tell me which one I should do next!

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Love Southwest!!! I flew them 2 weeks ago JAX-STL and I just love them every time. Also, Southwest is definitely not known as being a bad airline, they are beloved in the US and I’m glad you had a good time with them!!


You scared me here.

Great trip report! Always love to see people LUVing SWA!


Whoever thinks Southwest is bad obviously doesn’t fly Southwest as often as I do.

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I LUV southwest

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For SWA having had a focus city at SNA (been gone for a few years), I still haven’t flown them 😂

You should try, right after you try jetBlue

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I flew JetBlue back in July. Great airline

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They’re the best. No argument

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Sorry to break it to you…

This was my third time flying them ever, I knew they were good, but I put that in there because a lot of people think that they aren’t.

More of a… Suspence hook

Have you tried the other airlines? (Ex. American etc). You are lucky you got a snack on that flight… Most airlines dont provide snacks to economy people free anymore. You have to request it.

I got snacks on my AA flights

Probably longer flights or in first class. or you request then…

Yeah ORD-SNA and then 1st class PHX-MSP they had snacks plus food

Pre-Covid? or during Covid?

I don’t know where you heard this, literally no one has ever said that.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Southwest, but they are in no way, shape, or form a bad airline. I used to fly them more than any other airline because they were cheap and offered free pre-boarding due to a family member who had allergies. After prices went up, I started flying other airlines more and more. My issue with Southwest is less about them as an airline and more about the 737s. They’re just really cramped, old, loud aircraft and they make the Southwest cabins (which, admittedly don’t look the best) feel even older, even on the Sky Interior aircraft. But yeah, a lot of free snacks and that checked bag policy still leave Southwest as a 100% viable option, but these days they seem to be the same price (or just barely less) than airlines like Delta, a trade-off which is not worth it in my opinion.

I usually go by price, but convince matters

Yep, if you lived at a WN focus city that would make sense. Southwest pretty much dipped out of my city a few years back so they’re often not the best option for me.

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