Southwest 737-700 LAS-SEA // TRIP REPORT

LAS-SEA // Southwest 737-700 Trip Report


Yesterday I flew from Las Vegas to Seattle, on Southwest Airlines. Our aircraft was a 737-700 painted in the Heart Livery ❤️💛💙

We left home at 3:30 and arrived to LAS at about 4:00. The flight was set to leave at 5:55, so we had plenty of time.


The C-Terminals at McCarran are currently under construction (where we left from) and so the airport was a bit more crowded then I thought it should be. Other than that it was fine.

Rating: 7/10


The boarding process was quick, but I still find it slightly confusing compared to the traditional method. Open seating is cool too, however it does suck whenever you are some of the last people to board and your entire group gets split up into middle seats (didn’t happen this time because I was A list so I won’t deduct points).

Rating: 8/10


The seat was… well, fine. Nothing really exceptional. It wasn’t Allegiant level, but it really wasn’t great. I’m about 6’1 and had an inch and a half (maybe two) of legroom.

To add insult to injury I was in the window and my dad was on the isle, so of course someone with an outrageous amount of carryon bags/stuff plops down right between us. She had a pillow, two large bags, and a box of some kind. That stuff just pushed me into the wall even more and made the whole experience much more uncomfortable.

Rating: 5/10

queue intermission music


The snacks were fine. Nothing exceptional. It consisted of a baggie of dry food (rip-off cheese it’s and pretzels basically) and a drink. If I remember right there was only 4 choices; Water, Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite/7up. I chose the coke, which arrived to me with little to no ice so that was a bit disappointing.

I don’t have a pic so instead I’ll show a pic from the departure.

Rating: 6/10


Not very compassionate, overall just a boring aspect of the flight. I love it when the flight attendants absolutely love to do their job and they make jokes as well as just be friendly. Unfortunately these FA’s didn’t pass my test :(

No pic for obvious reasons so here is a portion of our cruise (notice the dust storm).

Rating: 4/10

That’s pretty much my review, so now I will show you some of the pics I got.

Climbing out of Vegas.

Sunset Shots 🌅

Parked at the Gate.

I also took some videos of the takeoff/landing however I can’t edit them right now, so I’ll do that later and post in the comments :)

Thanks for reading!


Great report Alec! Interesting to see some insight on Southwest. Stunning shots, as well!

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They should have chosen the A220, bc then such uncomfortable situations wouldn’t be the case anymore in the future 😁🤭

More than American, who offered nothing to drink/eat, even for first class (MCO-ORD).

Another reason why Alaska is our favorite airline!

But hey, anything’s better than Spirit, and those shots have me drooling 🤤. Neat tripreport!


Yeah those -700s are cramped. Im 6’2 and it’s tough. The -800s are so much better. Cant wait for those MAX 7’s though!

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Looks amazing! Loved landing in Seattle, Seattle is absolutely beautiful! Hope you have a good trip!

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Nice report. I had a different experience on my Southwest flight on the California one livery just last week! I’ve got their -800 review coming on the IFC in the next few days!!

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That’s legendary 😎, kinda surprised you had a meh expirence with Southwest😕


That Departure from LAS has to be my favorite, Amazing shots too!

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Don’t dis the SWA snack mix, I asked a flight attendant for more last time and he gave me a whole bag.

Anyways, that sky is so pretty!! I Love the LAS departure!!


I know right!

The snack mix is legendary!


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