Southwest 737-700 | KOAK-KLAX

Just now, I flew Southwest’s Boeing 737 from Oakland to Los Angeles. Here’s some photos I took! Some photos are briefly edited for detail.


Aircraft: Southwest (Canyon Blue) Boeing 737-700
Route: Metro Oakland (OAK) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Time: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Server: Training

At the gate in Oakland preparing for a short flight to Los Angeles.

Departed into the sunrise!

Cruisin’ at FL300.

Flying over KLAX!

On final for Runway 24R.


Parked at the gate in Los Angeles!


Nice photos! But RIP the 7 other SoCal commercial airports ☹️


Oakland to LGB, SNA, BUR, ONT 😉

Great photos! Thanks for landing on 24R (which is actually closed for a bit due to construction now).


Yes, but I mean just the other 7 in SoCal never get much attention. 😂

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They need way more attention!

I could go on for the whole night, but for the purpose of not going haywire on this thread, PM me if you want to talk 🙃

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Agreed @Thunderbolt

Again thanks for sharing @Rolls! I never really get up to the Bay Area because I’m busy going to the desert from SoCal routes, plus I just got burnt out after always flying LAX-SFO 😂 But I need to fly there more again especially after seeing these pictures!

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Yoo, let’s do a flight from LGB-SNA-BUR-ONT
Just to give them attention

Count me in! Lol

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Planning it right now
Might do it tomorrow, it’s midnight here lol
So our flight plan is LGB-SNA-BUR-ONT
we will use the SIDs of whatever runway is availabe

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Gonna be SOUTHWEST B737s
in the canyon blue livery

Very nice Pictures:))

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Thank you! :)

I love them pictures, good job @Rolls!

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how dare you lol

Also love the pics @Rolls and giving the Bay Area love!


It’s called Training Server because I use to only want ATC but now I’m smarter than that 😂