Southwest 737-700 'Colorado One'

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Ladies and Gents,
This has got to be the most prettiest Southwest Liveries. I have actually ridden it once from SNA-DAL back in December 2016! Bearing the Colorado flag all around the fuselage, it is a Colorado proud aircraft. It would bring spirit, color, and Colorado pride to Infinite Flight.


* Beautiful aircraft

* A beauty for fellow Colorado citizens and lovers on the forum and Infinite Flight

* Another beautiful aircraft to the Southwest Virtual fleet

* A spirit of Southwest and Colorado pride all around :)


* It’s a 737-700 so if you like to fly far, it has a limit and can’t just go ocean to ocean

* If you are tired of another Southwest 737-700 aircraft, well can’t help you there

Please vote on this. Who wouldn’t? It is just another pretty aircraft full of #nothingtohide and #transfarency


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Looks good, I think it needs to be repainted into the new livery though.
Also be sure to include aircraft type in the title, changed it for you this time ;)


Thank you I apologize about that @Kevin_Potthast


I think it would be cool to leave it in the older version so we could have some retro ;)


They are getting the MAX, should be good enough for now.


Personally I like the Florida One better, but it is a good looking plane.

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Being redone by @Wattsup_jet

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