Southwest 737-700 "Canyon Blue" Livery with Split scimitars


Bump! Don’t forget to vote

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Voooted! I would love to use this!

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Thank you for your vote, Joseph. It means a lot to me :)

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tiny Bump :)

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Saw this in Cancun the other day

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We get quite a few here in LGA. Also the original winglets need to be updated, so if this version makes the cut, then we could potentially see some change.

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It would be nice to see this livery

Hopefully when the developers turn back to the B737, they will take a look at this feature request

If you do and will add this, please don’t remove the original one (without split scimitars). It would be nice to have both this one and the one already in-game

The registration, if added in game, could be N253WN

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I am going to honest.I honestly dont like it with the SS.To me it only fits the 737-800.You dont see these often either.Ill spare a vote just for the sake of the other Southwest lovers.


I think I also flew on this exact plane but from BNA-LGA, would love to see it in IF

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This would be awesome!

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tiny bump :)


Dropped a vote on this. I flew the 737-700 with split scimitars from MSP-ATL not to long ago, would love to fly this in IF!

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Thanks for the vote!

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