Southwest 737-700 "Canyon Blue" Livery with Split scimitars


Who thinks that the canyon blue with no winglets looks SO GOOOD.


Love the 737s especially the classic 737-200 with the JT8D to blast them off!


Giving this a bump. I would like to see this!


Id rather have the desert gold Livery


There is one of these without SS but the one in IF is more shiny while its supposed to be more of a matte texture


Giving this a bump. Hopefully it comes with the 737 mini rework!


I’ve seen a lot of SWA 700s with split scimitars and fly SWA a lot but have never actually been onboard one with Split scimitars! But would love to see it in IF!


Beautiful aircraft to see and to fly on.


Hopefully this comes with the upcoming 737 mini rework!


Hello and good evening, just a word.

It’s a very nice livery.

But I think they’re going to add it to IF.

(I say we must vote more and continue to believe in it).

Sincerely Gregdu69🙂🙂🙂🛫🛬✈.


Yeah we already have 8 votes!


Giving this a bump. I hope we can get this in 18.6!


Even though we didn’t get this in 18.6, let’s try to get it in another future update!


I hope not… its time to give some space for different airlines as well. We already have hundreds of Southwest liveries now;)


Just a simple bump for this :)


This is amazing!


Bump time!


Another bump!


We need this livery sooo bad!!


Canyon Blue w/splits >>> Heart w/splits
Love this version of the 737🤞