Southwest 737-700 "Canyon Blue" Livery with Split scimitars


This request is for the Southwest 737-700 “Canyon Blue” livery with Split Scimitars. I have flown on one of these beauties and would love to see this in Infinite Flight.

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I searched and there was no duplicate topic on this livery


Amazing request! I would also love to see this in Infinite Flight! I fly Southwest often (In the real world and IF) so this would come in handy sometimes haha!


Hey hey! Southwest is great. This was the exact plane I flew on with the split scimitars As I have mentioned many times before


Yes @Luke_Sta! I love this livery! I hope to see this with the upcoming split scimitars.


Then feel free to vote towards this livery! Every vote counts @AlaskaAir


I been on one and I like it so you got my vote.


Thank you everyone for their vote!


I think we have the same livery but without the split scimitars


Yeah we do but Southwest does operate 737-700’s With the split scimitars in the canyon blue livery.


Thatnk you for your vote @JeromeJ!


i would like split scimtar’s overall in my opinion


I would agree. They contribute greatly to rhe Aviation Industry


Bumping this. We need to add this!


I’m sure once the 737 with scimitars has been added the canyon blue livery will be too


Just to secure it, why not vote for it? @CaptSauceBoss


Ran out of votes. It was also hinted at in a IG post and on a live stream so I’m 95% sure it’s coming in December


Definitely because I flew on one with @Luke_Sta before


Yep! this is the exact same plane As I have said many times before as we flew on


Bumping this. Let’s get this added!


Please don’t bump it just to get more votes every few days, that’s kinda annoying.