Southwest 737-300 "Shamu Livery"

Yep! The when is a big mystery though. We will have to wait and see if it comes with the CRJ rework or with something else! Patience is a virtue and only good things can come with patience!

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It will most likely come with the CRJ rework, just my thoughts though.

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I will certainly fly it from KMCO to KFLL and KPHX or KLAS to KSAN.

I doubt if it’s getting added.


Then why would they have made it? Seems like a waste of time to make a livery then not add it.

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How did this get in with 0 votes? Sometimes I wonder how other highly requested liveries get overlooked for things like this. 🤨


This was requested before votes existed

There’s a lot of controversy over the livery…

Agreed, I’ll see some of the most blandest liveries get tons of votes compared to popular liveries.

Also, if they don’t add this livery then why even bother posting a picture just to troll us. Smh


I really like this livery. Can’t wait to fly it.

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People honestly need to grow up if they are ticked off that this livery is being added, that is why FDS gives you other liveries to fly, just because this livery is old and not used anymore doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have it. I hate it when people say this shouldn’t be added because sea world this and sea world that, for crying out loud it’s a flight sim! Just leave the topic, stop complaining that it was added and go eat some food or drink some coffee.

On a side note I’m just glad that we get to see a new livery on a 737.


I hope you guys realize this is a livery request for the -300 and not the -700.


But it did exist on the 700. No big deal.

First off, this is not confirmed. This livery have been hiding in the livery repository for years, not accessible to anyone but the developers.

Secondly, stop arguing the morality of it.


I don’t know much about the whole copyright or trademark thing, but don’t most expire after a while?

Couldn’t after the trademark or copyright expire this be added in as Sea World wouldn’t own the rights to it anymore?

Again I don’t know much about the topic but have heard about that before.

No…all photos not taken by you must give credit to the right owner.

Pretty sure they will always have full rights to it, might be wrong.

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We’ll continue this in dm as it not fully related to this request anymore

I really love this plane 😍❤️ I wana fly this good ol plane in the air 😀

It is confirmed isnt it? If you look on the Update Tracking Thread… Correct me if i am wrong.

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