Southwest 727 Classic Livery


I would love this in IF. it would look cool.

Southwest Airlines has only operated Boeing 737 jetliner models, except for a period from 1979 to 1987 when it leased and operated several Boeing 727-200s from Braniff International Airways. Since January 2016, Southwest has been the largest operator of the Boeing 737 worldwide, with over 700 in service and each aircraft averaging six flights per day. Since its inception Southwest Airlines has almost exclusively operated Boeing 737 aircraft (except for a brief period when it leased and flew some Boeing 727-200 aircraft).

Southwest’s Boeing 727-200 Introduction:1979 Retired:1987

Notes: Leased from Braniff International Airways, and People Express Airlines.

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yuck! i don’t like that livery but it would make there be more choices on picking the livery


I personally think they did a great job with that livery on the 727 and 737
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Tahts moar like it. Keep up teh gud werk!


Was there no real photo available?

Well for all of you who do wanna know how the Southwest 727 does look when it’s not rendered in a sim.



TBH, I think you talk more about Southwest and the 737 than the actual plane.


Are you getting this off of my 727 request?

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Wasn’t this made 10 hours before your topic?

Well, yes, but I made the request over the aircraft and featured all of the liveries that were requested in the past. I only made my request because of the amount of separate livery requests.

Yeah, I guess you could add a bit more substance I guess like: Southwest had over 50 of them in their fleet.