Southwest 604 Emergency Landing KSLC

Video included. “Engine performance issues” is what Southwest is claiming. Looks almost like a misfire on a car engine. Glad it landed safely.


Wow, two fire incidents in one year with Southwest Airlines! And no one was killed. Southwest Airlines to me is really safe.


Apparently, according to FlightAware, the plane was in the air for around 40 minutes.

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It doesn’t seem that long but I’m sure for the pax and crew it seemed like forever.


Dang, yet another incindent.
Kudos to the flight crew to avert serious disaster.

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Extremely safe. They have had no on board fatalities caused by an aircraft failure. Their only death from what I understand was a car passenger that was hit by a southwest plane that over ran a runway at Midway.


Goodness 2018 ain’t starting off too well. 😯 Thankfully the passengers are ok.

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WN1248 is what you are talking about when the airplane skidded off the runway and killed a 6 years old boy who was watching airplanes land.

This is the only fatality of WN and it wasn’t even for those on board.


I think what he is saying is that there have been no fatalities due to “aircraft failure”. A plane skidding off the runway would be human error, the plane didn’t skid off the runway on its own, it’s no less tragic but statistically it’s not an “aircraft failure”.


Oh! That does not look good. Glad everyone was safe.

Watching the video and reading the article, looked like it was a compressor stall

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Managed to find the flightaware data. You can “replay” the flight if you want.

I didn’t reading anything in the article that said compressor stall. Very well might I have been. I’m not an aviation mechanic, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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im just going off on what i saw in the video and in my aviation powerplants class

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DDDDDAAAAMMMMNNNNN I did not see this till now!

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