Southwest 387 | SNA - SJC

Hey all!

Yesterday I decided to hop on solo and do a quick Southwest flight along the coast of California. So I decided to fly Orange Country to San Jose. Here are some pictures along the way! I hope you enjoy. Also I am getting my sub back soon so hopefully you’ll see me in the skies soon!

Orange County / SNA - San Jose / SJC | Southwest 387

Server: Solo

Flight Time: 56 minutes

Aircraft and Livery: Southwest B737-700

Liftoff from SNA

Just passing by LAX

Views of the Pacific Ocean off to the left

View behind

The mighty 737 up close

Just about to grease my first landing back

Exiting runway 30R

Thanks for viewing! More to come soon!


What a great route choice!

Looked like a great flight, nice photos!


Nice photos!

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@Thunderbolt Yes very nice! Always have loved the smaller airports in California rather than San Diego, LA, and San Francisco!

Also thank you @MJP_27!

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@BigBert10 Here you go


Thanks for flying to San Jose! 😃
As of 2019, it sits as the 4th biggest airport in CA behind San Diego


Of course! Probably my favorite California airport!

I’m glad to hear that! :D
SJC and San Jose are so humble, so we don’t hear about them a lot, but they are great places to visit and tour around

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Nice photos, especially since they are Southwest ;)

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Thank you!

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Great pics!! Love the route choice to the Bay Area Keep OAK in mind too!. Hope you had a great flight!

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Thank you. I will definitely keep that in mind! ;)

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