Southwest 292

I know your following me real quick!

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The aircraft is gaining on you?

This is kind of vague…

What is happening?

This is a 40,000 person community… not to mention that a large number of IF users don’t use the forum either. Not sure what you’re trying to say.


I’m uploading the flight recording to the youtubes. Some random homie is following me in a fighter jet and has been for the past 3 hours for my two flights. I am on my third of the day and this homie is still ballin. I vibe to that rq tho.

Is this on expert or training?

On our way to KPBI from KATL

Nah casual. Pretty cool I got an escort!

There is no need to make a topic about this

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If you are okay with it then why is there a need for this post???

Not sure what this topic is about but remember that not every pilot in Infinite Flight has an IFC profile