Southwest 2579 Trip Report

Hi IFC! Earlier today I posted a San Jose spotting topic because i was waiting to fly at that time and I put in a poll asking if I should make a trip report of this flight and, well, the results came in as Yes 100%. So here is the trip report.

Flight info

Airline: Southwest
Registration: WN2597
Aircraft: 737-700
Route: SJC - LAX
Flight time: 53 minutes

Wing view!



KLM 787-9

My plane

Overall review

All of the following are rated out of 10

Topic Rate
737 interior (Legroom/space) 7/10
Service 9/10
Food/Drinks 9/10
Butter landing 2/10

If there is anything I missed or you want me to rate please reply below! I’m always happy to add more feedback.

Thanks for viewing! Have a great rest of your day.


Amazing pictures I like this one more

When I fly Southwest they butter

Well mine was the opposite lol

Because they don’t like california they like Texas more

They like Wyoming the most🤣 I’m joking

Just be glad you weren’t on Ryanair 🩼🩼


Umm I seen Ryanair


That is a daily phenomenon

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That’s an hourly phenomenon lol


Let me tell you the gear isn’t happy

Rare Video of a soft landing

Is it safe to say Minutely 🤣

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“Ryanair 1, cleared to land runway 5C, and please be safe and smart”

Ryan Air pilot
Eyes closed on final and using the yoke with 1 finger

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Yeah I’m holding on to the yoke with no hands

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Smoothest Ryanair landing! I need to find that pilot and learn his secret to buttering a Ryanair plane 😂😂


Oh yeah very rarely to see a smoothie butterfly landing

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I think they probably forgot to learn what flaring is…
Or it’s just ni existent in their teaching curriculum

This will hack your infinite flight

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