Southwest 1735 (KPHX - MMUN)

About a month ago, I flew with Southwest to Cancun for vacation in the real world. Cancun was a paradise for me and I miss it a lot. I had fun riding the plane as it started its final approach to Cancun. When the aircraft gently touched down, I knew it was a start to a wonderful vacation. That was nearly a month ago, and since I had fun flying to Cancun, I decided to relive that through Infinite Flight. I wanted to see what the pilots saw as we approached Cancun.

Flight Information:

Callsign: Southwest 1735
Origin: Phoenix Sky Harbor
Destination: Cancun International
Cruising Altitude: FL390 - FL410
Server: Casual Server

Pushed back and ready to taxi.

See ya, Valley of the Sun.

Reached the Gulf of Mexico

Definitely my favorite shot today.

Fun fact: This shot is based off of a photo that I actually took a month ago as we descended

So, that’s it! If you have the chance, I really recommend you check out Cancun in Infinite Flight and in real life! There are lots of wonders and histories that lies in the Snake’s Nest (translation of the name ‘Cancún’)*. I had a pleasant flight on Southwest Airlines to Cancun. One day, I’ll return to Cancun, and Southwest will be my US carrier of choice!

If you’d like to try this flight yourself, check out the route I used listed above, or search Southwest 1735 on FlightAware. I also recommend checking out a guide to Cancun International on the IF Community.


These are absolutely great! I hope you enjoyed the flight and your vacations at Cancún! Quintana Roo is a very diverse state and has a lot to offer to anyone who visits it, I’m glad to be Mexican and have such insane locations in my country! 🇲🇽❤💚

Wonderful photos! And it looks absolutely amazing in Cancun! How was your trip?

Sadly though, you have exceeded the 10 photo limit for the #screenshots-and-videos category.

All you need to do is remove 5 photos.

Other than this, they look amazing!

I removed 5 photos from my topic, then I went to check the #screenshots-and-videos guidelines and it said no more than 10 photos, so I was fine :c
I included my favorite shots though.

My trip to Cancun a month ago was nice! Everything was really fancy and luxurious. I don’t get to experience this often. Next year, I’m hoping to return to Cancun and spend more time there. I only spent 3 days in Cancun because I had responsibilities at home. In other words, my vacation was too short :(