Southport Airshow 2018

A few images from the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Southport Airshow 2018. Please ask before using these photos as they do belong to me.


Look at that Tuskegee P51
Love the red tail, if only the movie was better

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A really rare opportunity, the P51 rarely comes to The Southport Airshow!

I spent several hours yesterday on a hillside in the Lake District with my camera waiting for the Red Arrows to fly past on their way to Blackpool for this airshow. Unfortunately they changed the route at short notice and I never saw them.

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They only ended up flying on the Friday Night and then left, but one of there Hawks was un-operational therefore it was grounded at Blackpool.

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Still, the highlight of the day was TOUCHING a Spitfire Mk 5 and Mk 9, might of given it a quick lick whilst nobody was looking… Mmmmhhhh :D

In a non-weird way…

My Dad just sent me this, what a view <3

Thanks for these. I grew up in Southport and am now completely filled with nostalgia.

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That Mig-15 Has been sat at Hangar Three for ages, only just departed today! The Pilot was Norwegian and did Airshowsnin his spare time.

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