@SouthernDude ATC Tracking Thread CLOSED @YSSY TS1


I will be controlling at KMIA for 30 mins - 1hr. Feel free to come

If there’s too much traffic, expect delays.

I don’t really want it too busy though…

I also will not be on here until I’m done.

Good Day, SouthernDude

Please add [open] or [closed] in front of you title.
This makes it easier for pilots to see whether you’re active or not.

Happy controlling!

Sorry. Forgot.

Thx for the reminder though

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Now open at KSDF!!

Come on down! Feel free to come.

Won’t be active on here while working.


Change of plans! Now open at KDEN. Please come.


Now open at KSDF.

Pattern work accepted. Will be open for 30 mins to 1hr

Edit: will be open at YSSY.
Please come down and fly.


We are now closed

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