Southern California terrain bug

I recently purchased Infinite Flight + Infinite Flight Live for my Verizon ellipsis tablet. I immediately noticed a bug in all the default terrain maps, but none are more severe than the Socal map. I’ve also had IF installed on my iPhone for about a year now, and haven’t come across this issue, so I’m assuming it’s Android specific. I’ve tried switching the graphic and detail settings, as well as turning AA off and on. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. Thanks


What are you trying to say? Live+ has nothing to do with terrain.

Like @Furtive_masstwofourf said terrain has nothing to do with terrain are you talking about the Southern California region?


He has added more information now along with an image so we can see the problem


Ok thanks for alerting me @CJ12

How long have you had the app on this device? @Ruben_Teran

My friend had the same problem, but worse.

And what device and software are you operating @Ruben_Teran

I installed this on my tablet about 4 or 5 days. I’m currently running an Ellipsis with software version number 4.4.2

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Ok have you tried restarting your device

Is this also happening to any other regions

Yeah I tried restarting the device a few times but things remained the same. And yes, every region is like this. The Northern California region is the only region I can fly on live since it is the least affected map.


So, the terrain sticks out like sticks?

Should I tag David Israel regarding this problem?

I invited him already

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That’s pretty funny. New mountains growing like weeds.
Is the devices rooted maybe?
Have you tried deleting the app restarting power and then reinstall from the Play store again?
I’m looking up the tablet “ellipsis” to see if there’s anything about it that might stand out.
Let me know how the reinstall goes.


I check the support section every day, so no need to tag me. If something is that urgent then a trouble ticket should be opened HERE then click “Contact Support” and write up all the details and feel free to include screen shots.

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I tried the suggested uninstall, restart, and reinstall of the app, but I’m still experiencing the same issue

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