Southern California Saturday Night Flight Procedures 10/10/2015


You are all invited to our B737 Event, bring your favorite B737 and fly to Los Angeles International Airport will be held during this week’s Saturday Night Flight at San Diego International Airport (KSAN) in Southern California, CA. The IFAA has provided for their destination Los Angeles International Airport. These Weather Forecasts can be good or bad like gusty winds and fog’s. Want to Land in Los Angeles International Airport, missed approach or divert for safety? The decision is yours to make!

We will be using IF Procedures for all legs to provide an organized and realistic experience. For the event, these routes will be the ONLY authorized routes in the region. Full ATC will be available to implement and assist with procedures. Expect holding during peak arrival times for congestion. Failure to follow instructions will lead to ghosting, if in ATC Playground, no ghosting. It is recommended you take notes on the procedures or save on a second device.

Keep it realistic, follow the procedures, and stay tuned for the official IF event post!

This Leg Is From San Diego To Los Angeles. Follow these procedures.

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@RBryan Missing the following:

  1. Flight Plan route info (ie. intersections, navaids, VOR’s from your flight plan menu.
  2. Download/or link for SID procedure (Standard Instrument Departure for KSAN)
  3. Download/or link for STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route for KLAX)
  4. Download/or link for IAP (Instrument Approch Plate for KLAX)
  5. Download/or link for AIrport Diagrams (KSAN & KLAX)

Thanks for your help.

Is it official?

It’s not pinned

Just flew the route on the adv server there was zero traffic

I am currently flying the route in the ATC playground server, I am N317LV I don’t see anyone else flying this route