southern California region

I wonder Why does everyone always in southern California region ??
what is the reason ؟؟
There is more than one region you can fly in which

Always in southern California Why Why ??

1 - It’s large
2 - It’s free
3 - It has all the terrain you would need

I think I covered it all…


Maybe because it is free . And is also available for all

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SoCal is awesome because of the terrain, airports (LAX, SAN, PSP, SNA), and it’s very large.


Maybe because 30 million people live in SoCal? Just a thought 🙃

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Don’t forget constant ATC service on playground


It was the original region to get a large influx of traffic. When there is lots of traffic, ATC moves in because they want to be engaged instead of hosting 3 aircraft per hour. When there is lots of ATC, there is lots of traffic because many people like being controlled by ATC.

This cycle will continue unless the pilots of SoCal go on strike or the ATC of SoCal go on strike.

Probably helps that the far overrated PSP and NUC have a cult following

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