Southern California is Closed! (Advanced Server)

(Read to, or just read the end, to know the story)
Southern California is Closed on the Advanced Server! Positions are:
Ground: Tristan Hensley
Tower: Tristan Hensley
Approach: Michael Schoelen
KNUC: (Not Open)
Ground: Zachary Tish
Tower: Zachary Tish
Approach: Zaid Ammar
Departure: Zaid Ammar
KPSP: (Not Open)
KSNA: (Not Open)
KEDW: (Not Open)
KONT: (Not Open)
(Enjoy this stunning photo in Southern California! (By Zachary Tish)
(For all new viewers of this post, you are witnessing the final moments before Socal’s controllers closed down for the night. Enjoy witnessing history, and all further information about this evening in Socal will no longer be tracked here. Thank you, and have a good day)


I’m in, will be there in 5 mins.
User: KSNA
Aircraft: Cessna Citation X
Callsign: FDS901

Awesome. We’ve moved to Socal though. Fly some patterns at KSNA ;)

Great session!

Yes. You got busy in the beginning!

Yep, night Zachary.

Night Man! Good work!

Thanks for the ATC assistance, good job.
Special thanks to KPSP and KLAX ATC crew.
@Zachary_Meir_Tish @Liam_Williams @Tristan_Hensley
Here are some photos from the session.

Coming out of the Banning Pass

Getting busy at KLAX…
In the background UPS 767 for 25L and A380 for 25R.

For all you Socal locals, check out the heat on the KLAX METAR 28 Celsius / 82 Fahrenheit at 0153Z / 1853 PDT

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Awesome. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for the compliments!

Yep I live in the valley @KSNA, was 106 degrees today in Sherman Oaks, thanks for enjoying the service!