Southern Airways Express C208

Hey guys! Bit of a quick one here, there are actually relatively few passinger liveries for the C208 in IF, and being a hometown airline here, I would love to see it! They have hubs in Pittsburgh (KPIT) Baltimore (KBWI) Dallas (KDFW) Memphis (KMEM) and West Palm Beach (KPBI). They have a wide market spanning much of the eastern, and central US.

They acquired Sun Air Express, besed in Ft. Lauderdale (but oddly having no flights south of DC) which is whare they picked up there Pittsburgh market. They also took there callsighn “Friendly” no joke, that’s there callsighn. I mean it’s also one of the flashier C208 paints out there to me as well…

Make sure to go check out the full rework request here!

There Wikipedia page, and the credit for the photo: Southern Airways Express - Wikipedia

Hey nice one these guys fly to my aiport they just added routes like 3 months ago. KAVP love seeing the caravan comming in, and our airport replaced routs from AVP to KEWR to AVP To KBWI


Nice request. They also fly into an airport about 20 miles away from my flight school airport. Def would vote for this if I had votes



Yep these guys will get any airport they can. and im glad it expands the airport even more.

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Bumping this because… well. Yeah. Slight variation in the livery paint but nevertheless still one of the best C208 liveries out there.

Photo source: my iPhoneX


I’d love to see more C208 liveries. It’s such a fun plane to fly in IF and I’m sure it’s even more fun in real life.

Personally, I’m still trying to find out if I’d rather like to see a rework of the C208 or the addition of the Twin Otter first.

New liveries are always fun though.


I will say they’re a lovely plane to see, it’s a great design. Unfortunately whare I live I can see airliners just fine, but it’s a bit too high to get a good look at these guys, but when I’m out Spotting they’re awesome to see dart in in between 737 and 767s and stuff, but borderline disappointing when you expect an A300 to come over the tree line any moment, then you hear a little buzz, and realize the the A300 took the cross runway and let the Caravan take the main one… 😂

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I think this and the Mokulele livery should be added together

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Bump it on up!

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I feel like making @DeerCrusher happy so I’ll bump this. 😝


Wouldn’t mind seeing this in the future. Flying to lesser known airports is always fun and I can do just that with this livery.


This and Mokulele should totally be added in an update this year


I’m gonna try looking for a vote to clear. Some of the C208 liveries added some might consider “questionable”. Not that I’m complaining, they do give some nice opportunities. But this’ll open up a pretty decent route network. Not only that, but it’ll surely please @DeerCrusher :^)

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Maybe it’s time to request there new livery… 🤔


I really would like to see this livery. You got my vote!

(Btw @KPIT, I’m back 😉)

I remember a while back, @DeerCrusher told me that IF was in discussions of adding a Southern Airways C208 into the game. Hopefully this becomes a reality soon! I would love to fly this bird!

would love this! they also operate mokulele

Got my vote. The are now flying to an airport in my home state and I don’t know what C208 livery to use when I do one of their flights