Southern Air Charter Nassau To North Eleuthera

Hey let me just start off saying I know I’m posting a bit early, don’t get mad at me, I had nothing to do.

Ground Experience:

So there we were running in between customs and the Domestic departures. If you are like wait a minute there is more to this you can’t just start here! Well go back to my first flight review, that will be linked at the bottom of this post. Anyways so we were running In between the Departures and arrivals and then we went outside and it felt really good coming from NY it’s 20 degrees there, it felt incredible with it in the 70s. We arrive in the terminal and start looking for Southern Air Charter check in desks, we found them bye them I mean 2. And there isn’t much of a line but we have to hurry, we have 45 minutes until the flight leaves. We walk up to the desk give them our names etc, and then then the guy says the flight is leaving now. 1 hour before it’s scheduled departure time. Brain explodes like what? Come on Southern Air. The guy then calls this other guy and then guess what? They can hold the flight until it’s scheduled departure time what a surprise! We then check in Swiftly thanks to both check in agents working on tagging our bags putting in information and printing boarding passes. We then walk down to the security checkpoint, there my family was frantically getting through security when beep: the X-Ray goes off, they take one of our bags off and say, you have to check this bag. Why? We don’t know, then we say our flight leaves in 3 minutes and the guy says ok let them through, lucky us. We then see one of our check in agents wearing a Ramp Agent Uniform and he takes us through the terminal and downstairs on to the Apron.

The Aircraft:

Unfortunately I couldn’t find our Aircrafts registration but it was a Beechcraft 1900 like below:

This plane was tiny! I loved flying on it so much, it was the smallest plane I’ve ever been on.

The seats were in a 1-1 configuration with 9 rows and 3 seats in the back.

The Flight:

We boarded and as soon we were on board our First Officer/Flight Attendant closed the door he went over all of the safety features of our Beechcraft 1900 and it felt like only second before I look out the window and we were turning onto the runway and I could here our captain talking with the ATC, they sounded like friends and I think WestJet was having a little bit of a awkward moment. The takeoff was super quick and before I knew it we were rotating out of Nassau, our 20 minute flight had no service except for 1, the views, wow I gotta say our altitude was just 5,500 ft and I got this great shot:

Before I knew it our First Officer announced we would be descending into North Eleuthera. Just minutes later we were on Final:

I looked ahead into the cockpit and saw the Runway right in front of us, wow it looked incredible! After a soft touchdown we taxied to the 1 of 2 gates at North Eleuthera, our First Officer pushed the stairs down and just like that it was over, no ramp agents, they were unloading our baggage, I saw my bag and was relieved that it had arrived, one ramp agent coordinating the departure from North Eleuthera back to Nassau pointed to a gate out of the airport and then we just walked out of the airport and were in a Taxi. Our driver loaded our bags but when we did a bag count we realized my Mom’s bag had not made it, we went into the airport to the Check in counter and the lady said “No biggy it will come on the next flight” my Mom said will you deliver it to us on Harbour Island? (It’s the smaller sister Island) she said no, you have to come back at 4:30 and just then I hear a big roar of props and see our flight leaving just 4 minutes later, wow!

When we arrived in Harbour Island we were talking about the lost bag with our taxi driver he told us he had a guy on the other Island who would deliver it to our door. Sure enough when we were at Dinner my mom got a text saying the guy was outside! Incredible!

I hope you enjoy this review, it was shorter because it was only a 20 minute flight, I couldn’t get many photo’s.

Last Review:


Looking like you’re at a 🌞 Place

Great review! :)

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This is such an incredible story, what a mess this experience must have been. Glad the bag returned and the flight itself wasn’t bad, but this really sounds like an extremely stressful experience.

Very interesting review though!

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