Southend OTT spotting

hello IFC,

during this years summer holidays i went to southend and after doing this place for the first time last year it was so good for over the top spotting but that was last year. This spotting topic is for this year.

The first day was cloudy so that day was spent at the funfair for my sister but the second day was clear so i dedicated that day to spotting.

The reason i like this place so much is because you are right next to the heathrow corridor so you can spot everything that is going in there (at least if its comes from europe or asia)

Anyway, lets get stuck in

Rwandair - A330 - 9XR-WP
This was the first catch of the day (A RwandAir A330) after my stepmom made me miss the brussels airlines red devil livery due to breakfast.

MEA - A321neo - T7-ME1
Im not showing them all just a few highlights from the day but this is a cool livery (MEA A21N)

China Eastern A330 greenland group
this was taken from the hotel before the RwandAir (China Eastern A330 (Greenland Group livery))

Singapore Airlines - Airbus A350_
meh, just a singapore 350

Gulf Air - Boeing 787-9
good looking dream)liner (gulf air 787)

the only passenger quad jet of the day (in glare lol(Emirates A380))

Malaysian Airlines - Airbus A350_
this is what id waited for (Malaysian A350 in the really hard to pronounce flag special colours)

There were a few misses aswell:

Brussels airlines - Red devils livery - breakfast
Dubai Royal Flight 747 - too far away
Ramstein DDay C130 (camera couldnt locate it)
AZAL B787 (we were going home then)

Anyway im not complaining , could have been cloudy and then i would have gotten nothing


Blur 100

nice pics!

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