Southeast England and The White Cliffs of Dover in 9 replay screenshots



Good day and good health one and all. I fancied a nice, relaxing little air run today and decided to take the XCub for a spin across the southeast of England. I know the area for real very well and have spent a lot of time around the surrounding countryside over the years.


I departed London Southend (which isn’t even in London and actually in Essex) and took the little beast to 9,000 feet, flying the coast around east Kent, over Dover and down into Lydd - a private airport situated in Ashford, Kent.


It was thoroughly enjoyable - I intend to do a few more of these little prop plane excursion and see what’s what in the future. A nice break from the ultra long haulers.


Departure: EGMC (London Southend Airport, Essex, United Kingdom).
Arrival: EGMD (LYDD Ashford Airport, Kent, United Kingdom).
Server: Casual.
Editing: Subtle changes to light, contrast and tones to bring out the images. Absolutely nothing fake added or removed.

⬇️ Cheeky loop the loop over the airport!

⬇️ Parked in my own private spot next to the car park.

★,。・:* :・゚☆ 。・: :・゚★,。・: :・゚☆。・: *:・゚★


Ain’t the cliffs beautiful 😍

Hope you enjoyed the flight! Southend is often a very commonly used airport for IFR flying and training to/from Lydd


I believe in the 3rd pic that’s Manston Airport ?

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That is correct! Though the the airport doesn’t exist officially on Infinite Flight, the maps do pick it up.

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