Southeast Asia Region

Maybe we can extend Singapore and KL Region to all over Southeast Asia like to Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Hanoi, Nay Pyi Taw or Yangon, etc. Altough it’s not a Good Idea since it would be very Hugee just Hoping :)

Quite Big (or Maybe Too Big and Too Heavy) for Devices

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Yes, I fully agree! In the Singapore region, there are few airports - I only fly between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It would be great to have other (big) airports! :))

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Maybe include Eastern Asia with it? ;)

Hong Kong would be cool with Chep Lap Kok and Kai Tak

Yes but that really would be to big! Flying from Seoul to Singapore would be Great - but this may take some time to come!

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As far as I know, they can’t make that big regions.
Some devices wouldn’t load them.

Nick check this post out

This applies:

This would be awesome!

That region would be massive so perhaps they could add a tag-a-long region to Singapore that is an optional download (Free or IAP is up to devs) for the people who don’t have as much memory or don’t want the region.

@Laurens Yeah it’s wayyy to Big for Devices to Load Them
@jooeball Wow… It Could be Very Big and Very Heavy… But at Least we Can Travel Some Cities at Asia like Tokyo-Jakarta, Seoul-Singapore, HK-Bangkok, etc
@Boeing707 Ikr! I hope they can add this region in future 😀
@AF330 Ikr! It would be Absolutely Cool!
Btw, SIN Operates A333/B773 to ICN right? CMIIW

I Hope Devs can make This Dream Come True

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They Should Make Asia Region then

This one Is More Than Huge Cause It Contains about More than 50% Area on Global Flight 😀

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