SouthAfricanAirways A330 | FAOR>EDDF | Over the Continent

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Two nights ago from posting this I flew from Johannesburg to Frankfurt Consisting of flying though the center of Africa and over the Alps. I’ve always wanted to do a flight through Africa as to me it has remained an untouched continent as I barely even think about flying there which is unfortunate. Talking of a continent I’ve barely flown around, I also decided to give SAA’s A330 a whirl as I also barely use the A330.

Flight Information
Server – Expert
Flight time – 10h30 Approx
Aircraft – SouthAfricanAirways A330-300
Callsign-- ZS-SXI
Average Cruise – FL370 at Mach 0.82

At the gate loading passengers and cargo.

Lining up RWY03L, Cleared for Takeoff.

Didn’t realise FAOR’s elevation so I didn’t put enough power but I still go off the ground.

Leaving South African airspace now. Bye South Africa.

Over the Sahara, Its amazing how big it is. They’ll be alot of sand to look at for a while.

After look at a lot of sand, we’re finally leaving the continent.

Located just west of Innsbruck overlooking the Alps.

After descending over normal European terrain we’ve found ourselves on final at Frankfurt for RWY07R

With a very BUTTERED landing but slightly off centerline. We’ve vacated the runway and taxiing around to Terminal 1

Finally finished the flight at the gate, deboarding passengers and offloading cargo.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful flight through this thriving continent. There’s so much I could show you but it has had to be compressed to only 10 shots.

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Great photos! I might try this route sometime…

Yeah you should, it is an enjoyable flight, You also have the option of flying the SAA A340-600 which is more realistic. I just chose the A330 cause it had wing flex, that was really the deal breaker

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