South side airlines VA help

dear reader, I would like to announce the new air New Zealand va. This virtual airline is nearly ready for kiwis to enjoy but I’m just looking for one thing. I need one or some moderators who love air New Zealand and would help me with the chat (which we will use discord) and after that I can open ANZVA for everyone to enjoy. Please pm me to help

Your not using slack?

I don’t know how to use it

I would help you ot but why r using discord

ANZ prohibits any VA under their name, sorry.

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Because I knew w the ropes

The real anz?

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U have to ask the airline to us there name

Hello! Please note, if you are requesting staff for an IFVARB VA, you must use this topic! If this is not a VA that is in the approval process you may not hire staff here on the IFC unless it is via a private message.

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Yes, the real Air New Zealand does not allow anyone to make a Virtual Airline under their name.

Why Wld the airline give a (explicit) 😂

Oh OK what if I change it a little

Change it to south side airways

That’s my suggestion

That would be cool

I have to do the thing first thiugh

The application process

Does anyone know any good free website creators?

Weebly or wix

I will redo things and hopefully I can apply in may