South Pole Tour @ AT11 - 252015ZNOV17

Server: CASUAL


Airport: AT11

Time: 2015Z (3:15pm NYC, 12:15pm LA, 9:15pm CENTRAL EU)

NOTAM: NO SLOW AS HE🏒🏒 GA AIRCRAFT. Your aircraft must be capable of traveling at commercial aircraft speeds (excluding the Dash 8 and other slow commercial aircraft). Recommendation: Bring a commercial aircraft with maneuverability. You don’t have to do this, but be sure you can make TIGHT TURNS in this aircraft without stalling. **The aircraft must also have a range of at least 1300 nm. NO FIGHTERS. In order to fly directly over the South Pole, scroll down to Adam Callow’s comment below

                          **PROCEDURE FOR EVENT**

Hey. Ready for an Antarctic Expedition? You’ve come to the right event. This upcoming Saturday, hop in your commercial aircraft of choice (besides the Dash 8 and others like it), and point your compasses south. Set your flight plan to 90 degrees south. Despite the newly added fuel burn, we will cruise at 13000 ft MSL, and will be traveling at 345 kts IAS. We are on Casual server, so upon takeoff set your speed AP to 345kts.

Upon arrival, we will meet on the icy Antarctic ground (remember, we’re on CASUAL, so we can land wherever), at precisely 90 degrees SOUTH. There’s a setting for the status bar for geographic coordinates. I’ll try to lead the pack so you don’t have too much trouble finding the South Pole. Hope to see you this weekend for this epic trip.


I think I’ll be able to make it. I’ll take a B777-200

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That works. See you Saturday.

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Recommendation: Bring a commercial aircraft with maneuverability. You don’t have to do this, but be sure you can make TIGHT TURNS in this aircraft without stalling.

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would the boeing 787-8 be able to do it?

As long as you can make tight turns. Go on Solo and do patterns in the 787-8. Then decide if you want to downgrade to maybe a 763.

The aircraft needs to make tight turns in case I need to make a Uturn with the group.

yeah ok i will experiment


We will spawn at 2015Z, with takeoff commencing very shortly after. Cruising altitude is 13000 feet, and our airspeed will be 345 kts. Since you cannot top off on fuel at AT11, I would suggest topping it off at a major airport (e.g. KJFK, EGLL, KSFO, RKSI) so you’ll have a full tank when spawning at AT11 Airport.

Currently our list of participants is @DiamondGaming4 @euroflyer @PilotoftheFuture (subject to change)

Remember, we are attempting to stand at coordinates 90,0 SOUTH. There is no goal airport, as long as we can get to those EXACT coordinates. This event is on CASUAL

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It’s possible i won’t be able to make it, but i will try my best.

Don’t worry about it, I’m just hoping I can get home in time myself.

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Why have a flight plan all the way to japan to get somewhere near the South Pole?

Just do

AT11 7626W 8926W 9000S/0000W


Paste that in and you should be golden.

Also, you should be able to get fuel if you taxi off the runway

I’ll try that instead thanks for letting me know

I’m hoping I can get home in time. The event may begin five to ten minutes late, but I’m hoping not.

I will update our ETA periodically on this post


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Pics as we arrived and drew nearer to the Pole. Got a bit glitchy with the freecam.

Sorry I️ couldn’t make it. I️ must have messed up my Zulu conversations. Hopefully I’ll see you at another event!

ZULU time can be confusing. I have to remember to add five after November, and only add four after March. I also didn’t calculate that the flight was over two hours, so maybe it was a good thing. Whatever it is, maybe another time.

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