South pacific ocean causing excessive heat

I’ve noticed since 21.8 the south pacific ocean, particularly sydney has had constant turbulent winds heading southwest and finding myself having to depart out of YSSY on 100%> N1. Which is unusual, also no matter what plane I fly my ipad seems to heatup significantly flying out of there, and I have a brand new M1 ipad pro…

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In relation to the wind, looking at Windy: Wind map & weather forecast it seems that the wind data is correct as Sydney has on shore NE → SW winds.

Since iPads are fanless and I’m presuming you have max quality, it is expected that your device would heat up at 3D building airports. Since they don’t have a good way at heat dissipation.

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I suppose it should also be noted that the weather across the Eastern seaboard of Australia (and much of Oceania) is currently experiencing prolonged unstable weather and climate, called La Niña. I can see that there are multiple storm cells near Sydney and up and down the eastern coast.

So strong winds and the like aren’t uncommon and should be noted as such. Especially during this weather period.


It’s only in this part of the world that I heat up in

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