South, North and Ramp Frequencies for KLAX

Like in real life at LAX the south terminals (4,5,6,7,8) have a ramp frequency for the ally’s.aircraft pushback taxi out the ally and then contact south ground.On the north side it’s just North ground.Also north and south tower.North for 24L/06R and 24L/06R and south for 25R/07L and 25L/07R


It would be too much of a hassle.

But realistically it exists

It was actually like that before the BBJ/Fog update. It was removed as many used to log on even thought another was in the same positon. Causing chaos


I think this would be cool to intergrate again into the advanced server. The game could get your position on the ground and then only allow you to switvh to the ground frequency for that “ramp/apron”.

I don’t think Advanced pilots are ready to differentiate between multiple ground frequencies. It would cause chaos.

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That’s true, but that’s why it’s be great if the game automatically checked where you are on the airport and then allow you only to tune into that ground frequency for that specific part.

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Some pilots get left and right traffic mixed up when remaining in the pattern. Multiple ground frequencies would cause chaos. It would be a nice idea if it was used properly though, maybe info could be displayed as to which areas contact which frequency.


Kind of assuming Advanced pilots aren’t snark enough to know the difference between north and south aren’t you all?

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Some people, some people…

You’d be surprised what we see as advanced controllers. You guys mainly see the good pilots because the ones that are bad get 👻

Hahahaha but you can ghost the ones that don’t go on the correct frequency

This would be pretty good in a way. It would help with traffic problems and chaos.

The problem might be a confusion if the other tower/ground is offline. But it could be prevented by having a cut offline to contacting the other ground/tower.

It could work, I like the idea!

It was removed for a reason and I hope it stays that way. I remember when there we’re multiple of the same frequency (two ground, tower, multiple approach frequencies etc.) all I would get is on guard messages asking me to contact the other frequency. Also with tower I remember that people that would be landing or towing off would be on different frequencies which caused confussion among the two tower controllers and that ended up in people landing on top of each other.

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