South Korean Government Boeing 747-400

Hey all, its me. I recently had an idea for a new livery that could add on to our governmental aircraft.

The 747-400 is used by several different governments such as China and a few others. I want to include South Korea’s Government to the list for new liverys. The aircraft has been used by the government of South Korea for years. It is used to transport military, government, and other high profile leaders. This 747 is armored and has sensors and flares like Air Force One.

Why would this make a nice addition to IF. It would make a wider array of our governmental aircraft such as the SVA and the 737-700 BBJ. With a wider array of governmental aircraft, we would be able to expand our military and government roleplay operations. It could also be outfitted with the latest updates from Infinite Flight.
Manufacturer: Boeing

Interesting! Is this real?

Yes. It is very real. You can find it on youtube most likely.

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