South Korea to lift 737 MAX ban

Announced today, South Korea’s Transport Ministry said they are ready to unban the 737 MAX this coming Monday.

This comes after watching how the aircraft did in other countries as well as a thorough review of all changes made to the aircraft.

The South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (MOLIT) will lift the ban on Monday and will also step up the safety checks and continue to monitor other carriers.

It will also step up safety checks to make certain airlines will provide pilots with the necessary training for the type.

With this being said, China is the last major country to have a ban on the 737 MAX. However, China is inching closer and have approved Boeing’s changes to the aircraft.


That’s good news!

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It’s been 84 years

Nice to see the MAX almost acceptable in everywhere now :)


Talk about finally……


I’ve flown on it 4 times and it’s such a quiet and nice aircraft

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