South Florida or New York?

I still have some money left over from Christmas and I decided to invest in a new region.
Note: I am not interested in any other regions. Don’t make further suggestions!

  • South Florida
  • New York

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SoFlo is huge and the airports have less attention to detail.


50/50… doesn’t really help out :D

52/48 after me voting…New York ftw…

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South Florida is more popular on Live.

I would choose new York if it was bigger because all the main airports are close together

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Even though I actually live within the New York region, I’m going to have to say SoFlo is better, bigger, has more airports, and ATC is active on Advanced more often

I bought So FL because I can fly a real world flight there. My favorite (for now) is a Southwest 737-700 from KFFL to KTPA. I practice SID/STAR with THNDR4 departure and DEAKK4 approach. Takes about 50 minutes and in IF it is almost exactly like the ones tracked on Flight Aware.

And like @The_simulation_nerd, I too live in NY (but I’m not in the IF NY region).


New York

Try out some challenging approaches on the (main) airporta

Cariside 13L(excuse my spelling) etc

NYC seems to get more ATC traffic but the region is smallish. FLA is the larger region with realistic flights, more airport options, etc.


New York will get a absolutely new astonisihngly detailed KJFK airport tho ;)

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I don’t favor either of those.