South Florida GA Bash @ KOPF - 222200ZMAR17

Are you stressed from school or work? Then come and fly in the lovely South Florida region in ANY general aviation airplane. Enjoy the smaller and less use airports or take a low and slow flight around the coast and see the beautful beaches Florida has to offer.

Where? South Florida

Airports? KOPF,KTMB,KPGD,KVLB,KPIE and any other uncontrolled airport

Route? and of course VFR

Charts? Just type in the airport name

Discord? Comment below and I will send you an invite.

Airplane? Any General Aviation (NO Airliners)

Time? 2200z

Day? Wednesday

Date? March 22nd,2017

ATC facilites:All local(Clearance,Ground,Tower);Miami Center

NOTAM:Must be able to speak to ATC and must have charts.

See you all there:)*


Bump. Still looking for pilots to join. Full ATC will be provided for one hour during the event. Pm me for a discord invite

Well, until global comes out its just green mountains & extremely blurry dots and motorways is all we have for a beach, and the sea is a million bumps with a giant moving blue sheet over it…

The time has been updated to take daylight savings time in the US to consideration

45 minutes until start

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