South Florida flight night

So, anyone fancy manning ATC playground and pilots flying into the region and
driving south Florida into action again. Some great routes to fly from Miami nortth or regionals into centre airfields.

@Boeing707 did you edit the post? I made it general initially and then changed it to live. Maybe it didn’t register the change?

Yes I moved it from General to Live. I suppose it didn’t register when you made the topic. Same has happened to me before.

Thanks for taking the edit very well.

Why did you change my post you ************ absolute ********** **** ****** stay off my ******** ****.

Some of the reactions you get haha?


It’s quite humorous how angry people can get over edits

Sometimes I could agree. Dont ever over moderate things, I keep getting posts deleted and its ridiculous. As soon as you question a mod or criticize something they get removed. In this case though a category change is correct lol

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