South England Hopping! @ EGKC | 202130ZJAN20

Hey everyone! Hope you’re well! I’ve been thinking of doing a group flight here for ages but never got round to doing it thus I never got to expose my area to the world. Until now. I think we have some pretty interesting airports and sites that I will be pointing out along the way and maybe secrets or two! I don’t know.

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any Cessna 172 Livery

  • Route: VFR Route made up as we go along. But planned as EGKC-EGHR-EGKA for now and may go further when needed.

  • Time of Departure: 2020-01-20T21:30:00Z May delay if needed

  • Server: Expert, may change when necessary,

  • Additional Information: EGKC only has 1 ramp spawn, so you may have to fly in from EGHR using auto start.

I’ll be excited to see anyone who wants to come!

Delayed by 30 minutes…

Closed on OPs request