South American Scenery Rework

South America. Home to many rain forests of the world. It would very enjoyable and relaxing to fly through the tropics of the massive continent, wouldn’t it? That brings us to a rework of the South American scenery. As the community knows, we have a enjoyable selection of South American liveries from a couple of interesting countries. From the GOL liveries(Boeing 737) to the LAN liveries(Boeing 777) it would make flying to the Americas more of an exciting journey. The blurry scenery does make a tiring eyesore as if everyone will agree.

If the scenery does get worked, then I do see a future in more activity around the South American regions. I would also like to know an update about the satellite imagery being covered there. Thank you.🙂


They are working on it. They mentioned that there are issues preventing them from releasing the scenery of South America to the public like clouds and such.

They will release it once they have fixed the issue.

I’d check out the livestream here, as they mention something about South America’s scenery issues:


wow. so i worked on this post for nothing. i spent so much time on this for nothing. ok😊


I can help because I live in Brazil and really the scenery is sad does not give pleasure to fly to South America.
Looks like a great modern art painting


The modern art thing made me laugh, but they have there own process, and procedures, they have the data, they are currently working on intrigrating it into the sim, and need to figure some stuff out since the data format is different I believe they said. But I assure you they are working on it, and it will happen as soon as they can make it happen…


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