South American Route Suggestions

In Infinite Flight, a part of the world which I don’t fly in that much is South America.
I would love to fly here more, especially with some of the new 3D airports coming out more often!

What are the best routes in the South American region that exist in real life?
I look forward to seeing your suggestions!


(Please specify ICAO, aircraft, livery and flight time)

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SAEZ or SABE to SAWH Buenos Aires Ezeiza or Jorge Newbery to Ushuaia

Aerolineas Argentinas 737-800


Brilliant flight across the impressive scenery of Argentina and Patagonia, surely recommend.


SBRF to SBRJ has some really nice coast views through the flight
You need some serious skill for the approach tho

The flight is typically 2h30 long and you can use the Azul A320

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This route isn’t active anymore due to goverment things, but It takes you to amazing views of Los Andes

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SCEL-SCCF (nice views on the low approach by the mountains) – LATAM, Sky Airlines, JetSmart (a320)

SCEL-SCCI (one of the best routes to take screenshots) – LATAM, Sky Airlines, JetSmart (a320 or LATAM 787)

SPJC-SPZO (Cuzco approach never gets old) – LAN Airlines (a319)

SKBO-SEQM (nice views during all the flight along with a challenging landing into SEQM) – LATAM, Avianca (a320)

To name a few…

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I’ll definitely check these out! Thanks

I’m actually in the air right now working LA2381 to SPJC

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(Nice view of the Andes just after the take-off, and a beautiful view os the beaches, and a beautiful view of the paradisiacal beaches of Salvador, in the Brazilian Northeast)
JetSmart (A320-200) / JET550
Flight time: 5h 20min

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My favourite route is Buenos Aires (SAEZ) - Bogotá (SKBO), you will find Iguazú, the Andes mountains, the Bolivian,Brazilian and Colombian Amazon (Including the Amazon River) and a very challenging visual approach in runways 31L,R at Bogotá. If i’m not wrong is the longest commercial route inside of South America with aprox. 6 hours of flight time.

Fly with Aerolineas Argentinas 737 or default A330, or with Avianca’s 787.


Hey there man, if you wanna check out this topic here you’ll be able to find a whole range of nice routes in South America. It’s a very beautiful continent with a lot to offer so I hope you enjoy the beautiful scenery!


Cool! I’ll check this out

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