South America

I would like to see South America the IF. I always wanted to fly in Bogota Airport in Colombia Go through Buenos Aries or simply fly through Brazil. See the city of Rio de Janeiro, the “Cristo Redentor”, the " Pão de Açúcar" or else São Paulo to the Guarulhos International Airport and the great city of SP. What do you think? (I can not select the category “features”)


Hi and welcome to the IF Forum! I moved your suggestion to Features.
It seems you searched for the topic before, and didn´t plunge into the pool and posted it.
Sadly IF can´t render such a large region for now.

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Thanks. But it would be interesting if we had some region there.

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In the case of San Juan, PR, you already have the Caribbbean region set, so maybe in the near future, Lus Munoz Marin International airport could be added to the existing Caribbean region. By the way, this would be the largest airport in this region.

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And Brazil is already requested:

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