South America Scenery Update

Towards the end of 2018(Last Year) i recall being informed about an update to improve the scenery in South America. I feel that it has either been forgotten about in most off the community.

i have had a few comments on my YouTube videos of people asking about it and i wondered if anyone could let me know about what is happening and if it going to come. It would be really cool to have HD scenery in south america making Brazil a much more popular destination in the game with routes coming from the US.

What do you all think about the update that will be coming in the future? And how long do you think until we receive this update?

Make sure to watch the development stream ;)

I see @Levet bellow typing! i’ll leave it to him to explain!

Skip to 20 minutes in the video to see what Philippe says about it!


time to get watching i guess

Unfortunately there were some hurdles for the South America imagery upgrade however it is very much a top priority for the developers. Announcements and blogs have covered this subject matter. We all want to see new imagery for South America as it is a beautiful continent!


thank you very much for that, i understand it could be very difficult to get a continent with the amazing scenery the rest of the game presents. Is it just South America getting the update or parts of Asia too?

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Jason has a blog that covers what is planned with the HD Scenery expansion. I believe the focal point is South America but other areas might be getting a facelift as well.

Found it:


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