South America in High Definition

This Friday we celebrate a year of launching the global and I am paying the online mode faithfully from the beginning and now that is making a year of global still I can not enjoy my country and my continent in High Definition of images … As a Brazilian I feel bad for it. I still await with faith that HD coverage will soon come to the joy of many.


2018 is starting to come for a close and FDS did say that they aim to have Full HD Imagery by the end of the year.

“We should be able to add the rest of the world (including South America) by the end of the year. The regions that we don’t have yet are usually regions with heavy cloud cover that are harder to process.” (Philippe)

Can’t wait for FDS to get the imagery and push it so South America can get some love in the Sim. Haven’t actually flown in the areas without HD yet… (sorry) ;)


Just to add on to Balloon above, remember that Infinite Flight LLC gets their imagery from an external source so unfortunately they cannot control how fast it can be done. All depends on how fast the external source receives it. Let’s just hope it’s soon! Hang tight! :)


Thank you for your continued support. We realize folks are eager for South America HD Scenery but due to factors outside of human control, this process is moving at a slower pace. See my response below which should clarify a few of your concerns.


I agree, it’s a pity we do not have South America in HD… I hope it comes soon…

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The are trying to get it. You must continue to be patient and have faith.

I should note that they arnt singling out SA and not doing it, they are having issues, and expenses getting the images. Thats why some of the Pacific near Indonesia is still not covered as well

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Also the tree coverage is something to note and other factors in HD scenery

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