South America in HD scenario

Thank you Laura and the developers of IF by the beautiful update today!

I was happy for everything that was presented. However, I was quite disappointed because of the absence of the high definition scenarios in South America.

It’s disappointing to fly without the paradisiacal landscapes of South America.

All virtual pilots in this region would like to know why this restriction is imposed.

Is there a technical problem for this implementation?

As one of the largest and most active IF communities in the world, we would like a sincere explanation about this fact.

Thank you very much.


Worldwide scenery is FDS’s goal for this year, so maybe it will come in a few months…


Correction: HD scenery

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Hello there! When the Global Update was first released the Infinite Flight Team announced that they had to start somewhere and that their end goal was to expand HD scenery.


Exactly what ChrisLevet said!

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I personally won’t speak for Laura or FDS… But it takes time and money to do these kinds of things and I believe that South America is not well represented on Google Maps and other satellite maps (and tropograph Map) so it would be hard at this time to do so.

The end goal is Full HD Scenery!

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I am disappointed too :(, although for me I am satisfied with the unique terrain! There is nothing like trying to land at Toncontin. Even without the HD textures, it is still very enjoyable to fly in South America.

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As noted above and including the update that was released today, goes to show and is further proof that this small team is fully committed to improving the end users experience. Be thankful and faithful as they’ve delivered a rather incredible experience so far on mobile platforms.

Kind Regards,


@cafasape we do plan on adding more imagery soon-ish (in the next few months). South America won’t be part of that though. This is not because we don’t want to (South America has tons of amazing landscape we would love to fly in), it is just because the company we buy the imagery from simply do not have South America ready yet. The reason is because satellite imagery for that region often has cloud coverage making it more complicated and time consuming to process and cleanup.

As soon as we have access to it, we will add it to Infinite Flight.

If all goes well, we should have close to 100% coverage by the end of 2018.