South America, and huge part of Russia need to be fixed on the map

Looking blurry , not being able to enjoy South Americas landscape and pay 11 dollars every month it doesn’t look honest to me. Need serious work guys please, even with the airplans , sometimes they are not fluent , look very robotic when moving left ,right ,up , down. The handling doesn’t give you the feeling accurately of you flying the real plane, to easy to take off, to easy to land…
I am sure most of the most master players in here would fail to fly in real life, I do not see where is the benefit of paying 11 dollars each month ?

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Hello, take a look at the topic below. It’s coming, it’s first to say it will be hear within a month.


The movement is lag. that can be caused by an old device or bad internet. I haven’t had that issue ever.

Could be , but I fly Cessna in real life , IF is attempting to come close to really give you the feeling of the real professional simulator but to me as a real pilot it needs to work on a few things to make it as accurate as possible to real flight experience, otherwise let’s not call IF a flight simulator but rather a flight game.

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You want a challenge? Check out the XCub!

I’ve been flying more in South America and southeast Asia lately in anticipation of the new scenery.

Papua is going to be awesome!

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That was an unnecessary post? Doesn’t help the OP out with anything

Read the thread that @Chatta290 linked:) And if the movements you describe keep happening, and make a new one in #support about the movements and people will be more than happy to help:)

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Listen it’s not only about the movement , it could be a lag like you said… I’m talking about should IF be called a simulator or a flight game ? I can’t call a simulator something that misses so much, no TCAS system no ACAS system no terrain warning , no access to flaperons , no emergency landing simulation , no accuracy on landing time ,on taxi Time. And All other bunch of things that need improvement. Sorry to me it’s a flight game, a good flight game.

Or just go entirely off topic lol

The developers are doing their best to make this simulator as realistic as possible. The team isn’t big, so they can’t roll out update after update continuously.

Right now, they’re focusing on adding essential features to the game (I.e. missing aircraft, etc.) rather than features such as emergency landings (which I’m not even sure why you’d need, considering this is a flight simulator).

My point is thus: patience is key! Yes, the scenery could use some work, but the upcoming scenery update should fix that. As for the lack of ultra-realistic features, let’s just be content with what the devs have in store for us. IF is already a highly advanced mobile flight sim compared to others on the market ;)

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Emergency landing features are good for those who want to test their ability of handling the aircraft on bad weather, engine malfunction , actually emergency landing is the most necessary thing on a simulator. And to conclude I didn’t say infinite flight is not ahead of other games on app store , I just said I can’t call it a simulator, to me is the best flight game on app store.

IF is still being updated and improved, the Cessna 172 is a pretty old aircraft in the sim, and needs an update. The IF team will eventually add these things you mentioned and more, you could make a topic in #features to request them, or vote for the features on someone else’s. Eventually IF will be there, but this is a mobile sim, they have to make things work on devices with lower processing power, not high tech computers. But the IF team is working hard, and hopefully these things you mentioned will be updated/added. 😃

South America and Russia will get better scenery later this year.

Happy flying!


I agree with some of your points but as it seems that you are comparing the IF C172 to the real C172 you are not properly accessing the potential of this sim. If you fly some of the newer aircraft such as the TBM and the XCub you will see more realistic physics. And if you are like me and want they C172 to be updated (as well as the PA28) check out #features to vote on these aircraft.

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