South African Virtual

I put in an application for South African Virtual some weeks ago, but haven’t heard back. I posted about them a few weeks ago asking if they were still operational and I was told according to IFVARB they were. But I haven’t heard back or seen anything about them. I sent a PM to the President of the VA a few minutes ago, and I saw he last was seen in February. Since it was that long ago I wanted to post about it also!

Thank you to anyone who can help me!!

Deakin Pope

Oh Hey Deakin that pretty weird for the President to be offline for that long something must’ve happened so I would ask the a different staff for now or someone else might come in

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Hi all 👋

I’m also looking to join a South African/Cape Town group (or any active group that’s +2hr Zulu/GMT).

Got any info on such anyone?


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@CapeSkunk if you want to see the active VA/VO’s in that region you can head over to to check out all the VA/VO’s.

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Got it bud👍 thank you.

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Just to update anyone wondering: South African Virtual leadership was taking some time off, which we allowed as real-world matters must take priority. We have another activity check coming up in August and will see where things are then.



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