South African Virtual / SAA VA Movie

I have recently created a new trailer that has been approved by @Owain_G for SAAVA to use. I have taken advice from @Etrain and have tried to use more smooth and engaging camera shots.

Unfortunately, due to me not wanting to make a trailer too long, the video does not use the whole song, only 2 mins of it. (I also did this to avoid copyrighting as best as I could). - Have a watch! Gimme some tasty feedback!


Nice job @Cpt.TC! That was one of the better ones I have seen.

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NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) is an amazing source of royalty free music, and not picking the most common songs like Nova by Ahrix and Spectre and Fade by Alan Walker is the best way to make an engaging video. Other than that, the video was spectacular. Good job!

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I know, but their songs sound the same tbh.

They are good, but I heard this song and just thought it would suit SAAVA for some reason :)


@Cpt.TC. MaxSez: Your SAA Trailer is a Work of Art! Your time, effort and skill are noted with pleasure. One suggestion, your music choice does not blend well with the theme. Look to the SA top non-rap 10 or the SA National Anthem. “Well Done”!


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I find it easier and more flexible to work with songs like the one I used for this trailer. Thank you for the BZ award. Never thought I would get it :)

I am infact working with @Jake_Savage on making a video for his VA.


It’s a good video, and as @Trio said one of the better VA trailers there are.

However, one thing I noticed is that the whole video seems to be plagued with slight stuttering in the camera shots, which makes it slightly irritating to watch. Also, the music doesn’t seem to really fit the trailer - as @Maxmustang mentioned. Because of the sweeping camera shots and overall cinematic vibe, some more laid back music would probably fit better.

Overall though, it’s a good video and as you said

and I hope I have delivered!


great video check out Aviation LHR on youtube he does good vids as well even though he I just starting!

wish you could do a vid for my VA lol

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I was waiting for someone to talk about the “tasty feedback”!

But yeah any advice is good advice, so I will try my best to take your advice onboard!

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Get to the point lol :) If you want me to make a promo video for you’re VA, my doors are all open!

But it will take a bit of time. PM me for more info.

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