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Welcome to the South African Virtual IFC Thread

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Hello, and a warm South African welcome to all. Here at South African Virtual, we strive in every way possible to provide pilots with professionalism and satisfaction, while trying to maintain and deliver the equivalent real-life standards, represented by the real South African Airways. Our vision and aim is simple; deliver professionalism and satisfaction to members of South African Virtual, while also aiming to grow with success. If you are interested, the doors at South African Virtual are always open. Hope to see you flying with us!

We are Infinite Flights’ first, oldest, and largest African-based Virtual Airline. Founded in October of 2017, all of us at South African Virtual have strived with excellence to enhance all the pilot’s experience at SAVA. With our warm-welcoming, approachable, and devoted staff, we can guarantee that you will have a professional and satisfying experience.

Why Us?
We offer a large fleet to fly within Infinite Flight. Ranging from regional aircraft to international aircraft. Additionally, we offer to our pilots more than 120 diverse routes to choose from that reach multiple international destinations across the globe. Furthermore, as a proud Star Alliance Virtual member, we provide our pilots with Star Alliance Virtual codeshares, aircraft, and routes. Thus giving pilots an even larger variety of aircraft and routes to choose from.

We also offer pilots exclusive benefits, amazing weekly events, and photo competitions that further enhances the pilots’ experience and satisfaction.

Additionally, we have introduced a unique feature only found here at SAVA - Career Mode and Free Mode.

Career mode will work as a classical VA structure, with ranks and limitations to aircraft and routes. Free mode will work as the following. Only when a pilot reaches the Captain Rank in our ranks, they will be allowed to fly whatever aircraft they want, to all the routes they have gained access to in the Career mode. In order for them to increase the range of routes, pilots must continue to pursue Career mode.

For more information, check our website under the “About Us” tab, and click “About Career and Free Mode”


Be at least Grade 3
Minimum age of 13
Must be a member of the IFC
Must have a Pro-subscription



Upper Managament

President @Owain_G
Deputy President @Springbok777
Senior Advisor @sparow

Lower Managament

Chief Pilot @Imran
Head of ATC @Juan_Oosthuizen
Events Manager @James_Harvey
Media Manager @Christoff_Spies


South African Virtuals Mainline Fleet
Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400

Granted at Rank - Cadet

Bombardier CRJ-200

Granted at Rank - Second Officer

Bombardier CRJ-700

Granted at Rank - Jr.First Officer

Embrear 190

Granted at Rank - Jr.First Officer

Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400

Granted at Rank - Cadet

Airbus A319

Granted at Rank - First Officer

Airbus A320

Granted at Rank - First Officer

Boeing 737-800

Granted at Rank - First Officer

Airbus A330-300

Granted at Rank - Captain

Airbus A340-600

Granted at Rank - Senior Captain

Boeing 767

Granted at Rank - Executive Senior Captain

Boeing 747-200

Granted at Rank - Executive Senior Captain

Boeing 747-400

Granted at Rank - Executive Senior Captain

CodeShare Fleet
Singapore Virtual


Swiss International VA

Coming in the Near Future

Star Alliance

Kiwi Air

Here at South African Virtual, we provide our pilots with more than 120 of the most breathtaking routes that do not only reach destinations within the African continent but to all five continents. Check out our routes in our route database below.

Route Database

Here at South African Virtual, we are honored to be in association with some of the most popular Virtual Airliners and Alliance in Infinite Flight. Our codeshare partners and Alliance can be found below:

Star Alliance Virtual @D3vison
Singapore Virtual @Transport_Hub
Swiss International Virtual @Alfster

Here at South African Virtual, we use the free communication source called Slack. Slack allows both pilots and staff to navigate and communicate with ease, with the addition to posting interesting articles, videos, images, and starting discussions. Additionally, members will have the benefit of being notified of upcoming events or important dates, during times while they are using Slack and when they are not using Slack.

If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact @Owain_G or @Springbok777.



Love the thread! Best of luck :)


Awesome new thread guys!

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Welcome in the world of VA, it’s a pleasure to have you here, I wish you a lot of success.

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Thank you. We are actually not new, we just updated our thread. Nevertheless, thanks for the wishes!


oh nice, I did not know that, so I have to say you did a good job.

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Great looking new thread, guys!

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Awesome @Owain_G and the team


Awesome thread @Owain_G
This is a job well done sir. Proud to be part of this VA.


This is my first attempt at telling a story.


Looks great! Nice thread.


Thank you!


As events manager at this VA i would say its one of the most kind and helpful VA’s out there. As we only have a small community and still expanding we’d love to have you onboard so join up and start your South African journey.


About a month ago I took the A330 from FAOR to EDDF. And as I departed our CEO @Owain_G spawned in and taxid to 03L as I was powering down the runway for take off.
I decided to do something very special as this man has gone through a lot of lengths to open the VA and keep it running.
So as I departed I made a right turn for a downwind leg while carefully watching him taxi to the active. As I called out the base leg of my approach he arrived at 03L and held short.
Today I’d like to make it known that you’re a great leader and with this flyby, I salute you sir!


I know this update isn’t new anymore but I’m still excited to see the new A330 liveries

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Me too. We’re anticipating the A340 rework and that should be just as epic as the A330.

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I LOVE South African Virtual!!!


I applied 1 or 2 days ago hope to join this amazing VA!!


Thank you for informing us here! We have sent an invite to your inbox via pm here. Thank you for the kind words @Gtmkm98 and @Javier_Arnau_Avila glad to see your excited and enjoying your time with us.

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Official South African Virtual 2019 Trailer!