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Welcome to the South African Virtual IFC Thread

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@owain_g SAVA Founder

Hello, and a warm South African welcome to all. Here at South African Virtual, we strive in every way possible to provide pilots with professionalism and satisfaction, while trying to maintain and deliver the equivalent real-life standards, represented by the real South African Airways. Our vision and aim is simple; deliver professionalism and satisfaction to members of South African Virtual, while also aiming to grow with success. I had to leave my role as President, as I did not have the time anymore to fulfill the position, therefore, I have changed my position to senior advisor. If you are interested, the doors at South African Virtual are always open. Hope to see you flying with us!

We are Infinite Flights’ first, oldest, and largest African-based Virtual Airline. Founded in October of 2017, all of us at South African Virtual have strived with excellence to enhance all the pilot’s experience at SAVA. With our warm-welcoming, approachable, and devoted staff, we can guarantee that you will have a professional and satisfying experience.

Why Us?
We offer a large fleet to fly within Infinite Flight. Ranging from regional aircraft to international aircraft. Additionally, we offer to our pilots more than 120 diverse routes to choose from that reach multiple international destinations across the globe. Furthermore, as a proud Star Alliance Virtual member, we provide our pilots with Star Alliance Virtual codeshares, aircraft, and routes. Thus giving pilots an even larger variety of aircraft and routes to choose from.

We also offer pilots exclusive benefits, surprise events and group flights, flight training, and photo competitions that further enhances the pilots’ experience and satisfaction.

Additionally, soon to be come to SAVA, is the anticipated Career Mode.Career mode will work as a classical VA structure, with ranks and limitations to aircraft and routes. * For example, a pilot chooses the A359 to pursue his career mode with, that pilot must attain all required ranks and respective hours to change to a different pilot career, such as a career with the A333.


Be at least Grade 3
Minimum age of 13
Must be a member of the IFC
Must have a Pro-subscription

Upper Management

President @Springbok777
Deputy President @sparow
Senior Advisor @owain_g SAVA Founder

Lower Management

Chief Pilot Vacant
Events Manager @James_Harvey
Media Manager @Christoff_Spies
Slack Moderator @imran
Flight Manager Vacant
Graphics Designer Vacant
Human Resources Vacant

It is with great pride and warmth, that we fall among, within only a few VA’s within Infinite Flight, to offer our pilots an extensive fleet with the addition of consist growth of codeshares.

South African Virtual's Mainline Fleet
Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400

Granted at Rank - Cadet

Bombardier CRJ-200

Granted at Rank - Cadet

Bombardier CRJ-700

Granted at Rank - Cadet

Embraer 190

Granted at Rank - Second

Boeing 737-800 - Mango

Granted at Rank - First Officer

Airbus A320

Granted at Rank - First Officer

Airbus A330-300

Granted at Rank - Captain

Airbus A350-900

Granted at Rank - Commander

Historic fleet
Airbus A319

Granted at Rank - Second Officer

Airbus A340-600

Granted at Rank - Senior Captain

Boeing 737-800 - South African

Granted at Rank - First Officer

Boeing 767

Granted at Rank - Chief Commander

Boeing 747-200

Granted at Rank - Chief Commander

Boeing 747-400

Granted at Rank - Chief Commander

CodeShare Fleet
Singapore Virtual


Swiss International VA

Coming in the Near Future

Star Alliance


Here at South African Virtual, we offer our pilots with more than 120 of the most breathtaking routes that do not only reach destinations within the African continent but to all five continents. Check out our routes in our route database below.

SAVA Route Data base

We are honored to be in association with some of the most popular Virtual Airliners and Alliance in Infinite Flight. Our codeshare partners and Alliance can be found below:
Star Alliance Virtual @ran

Singapore Virtual @Transport_Hub

Swiss International Virtual @Alfster

If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact @owain_g SAVA Founder, @Springbok777, or any Upper Management Staff.


Great thread, SAVA! The pictures and logos look great.

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thank you look forward until our official return to the IFC

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Great new thread. UVAL has South African airways routes so we maybe having a codeshare.


yes, SAVA and UVAL are Star Alliance partners

Loving the new thread!

thank you ;)




Safari Saturdays

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Do you guys have a recruiter job?

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Good evening IFC,

Over the past month and a half, we at South African Virtual have been busy with a handful of new features and benefits. In the month of June and past two weeks of July, the following benefits and features have been introduced and renovated

Fresh and modern design for our website.
Several new and exciting codeshares
New, fresh, and updated thread To be published
Planning of the next 5 legs of Saturday Safari’s

That is all for now!


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You said that you would take grade 2. May I join?


Yes, you may. Have you filled out an application?


No I will now.


Ok, great!


ok I have finished it.


Is everything ok in it?


So was my application ok? And also I am grade 3 now.


I’ve filled out the application, now I’m just waiting to be accepted